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Research & Studies

Cooperation is a State subject. Moreover, the structure of cooperative movement in India is federal i.e. primaries at the grass root level which are federated to district level federations and further federated to state level. These societies look forward for guidance from NCUI as the nodal agency of research. Besides, there exists 21 National level sectoral federations which are responsible for the development of their respective sectors. To such vast size and multi dimensional approach of the movement, there is need for research on inter sectoral problems. In order to ascertain in advance as well as find out the exact causes/reasons, such problems require to be studied in a timely manner for providing amicable solutions advancing the interest of the respective segments as well as for the healthy development of the movement. The National Cooperative Union of India being the apex of all the cooperatives keeps on identifying such areas and initiates research, studies on various aspects of cooperation from time to time. The National Cooperative Union of India awards fellowship and guides the scholars in the study of Cooperation. The NCUI has taken up number of studies on many inter-sectoral problems of cooperatives and has been able to provide the suitable solutions. Some of the imporatnt studies in recent times are :-

  • A study on Management cadre in cooperatives
  • A bunch of case studies on overdues in cooperatives
  • Problems of sugar factories
  • A study on "Linking of Loaning programme of land development banks
    with overdues-A study on Recovery of Cooperative dues”.
  • A study on “Cooperative legislation in India”.
  • A comparative study on company law and cooperative law
  • Fact finding study of Registrar of Cooperative Societies.
  • Case Studies on Industrial Cooperatives