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Human Resource Development

One of the important functions of NCUI is to develop a strong human resource base in the cooperative sector. Visualising the importance of the HRD the NCUI has been actively involved in providing the cooperative education to members, potential members and leaders through the following programmes :

National Council for Cooperative Training
National Center for Cooperative Education
Cooperative Education Field Projects
General Member Education Programme
Global HRD Networks for Co-operatives
National Cooperative Union of India & Vaikunth Mehta National Institute of Co-operative Management, Pune in collaboration with ICA HRD Committee has promoted, developed and maintained GHRD Network for Co-operatives. Co-operative HRD Institutions all over the globe can become member of the Global HRD Network. The details of each registered organisation such as name, contact details, head of the organisation, training programmes offered, infrastructure available, faculty, etc can be accessed through the portal ( At present IGICM, Lucknow is maintaining the portal.